The Grind

CLOSED February 13th 2014

We will be CLOSED February 13th 2014 due to weather. As of right now, training with Coach Jill is still on for February 14th at 7pm!

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February 5th Weather Update

As of right now there is NO power at the gym. Right now there will be no athletic performance training tonight unless power is restored! I will be updating frequently as I am given more information. Thanks!

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8 weeks to fReAk Strength!

8 Weeks to gain freak strength Kevin Dea, B.S., C.P.P.S., CPT   Most have their own opinion when it comes to the best exercises to build strength. That’s where the novice lifters are separated from those that have practiced, experimented, and challenged the popular school of thought. From four sets of ten reps to using

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It’s all YOUR fault!

Most people close to me know that I don’t function well at night. When it is my bed time, it’s best to just let me be and do my thing. Obviously sleep is very important to me, for my work, for my training, for my life. So this morning my alarm went off at 5:30

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Why you SHOULD be taking Fish Oil!

This information comes to you courtesy of my good friend Dylan Sarver of Pickle Fitness. Thanks for putting this list together! I personally have been taking fish oil for almost 2 years now and it is the closest thing we have to a miracle drug! Check it out! Fish Oil Has been shown to decrease

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Monday Meal, The Incredible Spinach Shake!

I found this shake about two years ago and I must say it is probably the best recipe I have ever found. If you enjoy peanut butter and don’t get enough vegetables, definitely give this a shot! I made the video a while ago so some of the measurements are wrong. I have listed them

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Hump Day Workout!-Core Complex/ Body Blaster

Check out this video of the Core Complex/Body Blaster by myself and the Master, Wayne Mutata. Give this 30 or 40 straight reps! I DARE you! Take care. K.D. ~liveinyourstrength~  

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The Grind…

My friend David and I always talk about this thing called the grind. What is the grind? I never quite knew what it was until I was literally thrown into it. The grind separates the men from the boys and women from the girls. The grind is the battle we fight every day that forces us

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Salsa Chicken for your Monday Meal!

For anyone trying to eat clean, planning can be a hell of a headache. I am struggling with this right now! It is so difficult to eat well and it really is unfortunate because it is the MOST important element of living a healthy lifestyle. So below is one recipe I tried recently that turned

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Welcome to DEASEL Training Systems!

Welcome everyone, and thank you for checking out DEASEL Training Systems! I just got back from the GFGI seminar in NJ and it was absolutely MIND BLOWING! I’ll post more about that later, but for now, check out this video to learn a little bit more about me and what I do! -K.D. ~liveinyourstrength~

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